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1092 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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1092 Cambridge Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

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Ribeiro DeSousa Insurance, a Cambridge Insurance Agency, was founded in 1982. We have been providing insurance products to protect the needs of our diverse clients in the greater Cambridge area for over 30 years. We provide personal and business insurance products to protect your needs.


Our insurance office is located on Cambridge Street near Inman Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Our Team:


Monica Cabral / Office Manager

P: 617-497-2100 Ext 15

F: 617-497-6711



Alexandra Oliveira / Customer Service

P: 617-497-2100 Ext 19

F: 617-497-6711



Bruna D. Leite / Customer Service

P: 617-497-2100 Ext 14

F: 617-497-6711



Ludmila DeMelo / Customer Service

P: 617-497-2100 Ext 18

F: 617-497-6711